Building Canada’s Next Gold Mining District

A key part of TMAC’s business strategy is to build Canada’s next gold mining district responsibly.

  • Our Community

    TMAC is committed to ethical business practices and uses contractors and suppliers who hold these same principles.

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    We believe that the foundation to building positive relationships with our stakeholders is transparent communication.

    We respect the customs, values and culture of the communities where we operate, and will work diligently to build trust and relationships. Wherever possible, we will endeavour to support local businesses and, as we grow, it is our objective to contribute positively to the local communities through job creation, economic growth and training opportunities that will extend beyond the economic life of the operation.

  • Our Environment

    The Hope Bay Project is located in a unique tundra environment, home to a wide variety of wildlife including raptors, fox, wolverine, caribou, muskox and grizzly bears.

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    We recognize its importance and are committed to responsible environmental stewardship to minimize our impact. We promote a Zero Harm culture as we believe that all environmental incidents are preventable.

    Our environmental activities include archaeological, hydrological, vegetation, aquatic, fisheries and wildlife studies to support the protection of cultural history and wildlife, water and fish habitat. Wildlife have the right of way at the Hope Bay Project and we track and report wildlife sightings to government agencies so that better insight can be gained.

    TMAC has a strict waste management program to protect the environment and to minimize contact with wildlife. We separate waste by type, incinerate food waste and other appropriate materials and ship selected materials offsite for disposal or recycling.

  • Health and Safety

    Ensuring the health, safety and well-being of all employees, contractors and local communities is paramount to TMAC.

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    We do not tolerate discrimination and we provide an alcohol and drug free workplace. We promote a Zero Harm culture as we believe that all injuries and accidents are preventable. We believe safety is a collective responsibility and that each one of us must be a safety leader. We work hard to instill an attitude of safety and awareness for those who work at, and with, TMAC.

    Zero Harm is an attitude that we own 24/7, at work, at home and elsewhere.

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